Co-Principal Investigator

Assistant Professor, Sociology, Kent State University (USA)

Keywords: sociology, religion, non-religion, secular, interfaith, equalities

I am a Brit who has been living and working in the US since August 2016. I am a sociologist of religion. I have an overarching interest in how the secular and religious interact, particularly in Europe and North America, attentive to power relations and social justice issues in these dynamics. I was a Co-Investigator on the first ‘Science and Religion: Exploring the Spectrum’ project in Canada and the UK, working closely with Stephen Jones and Tom Kaden on the qualitative strand of research. Now I am a Co-Principal Investigator on ‘Science and Religion: Exploring the Spectrum of Global Perspectives’, undertaking fieldwork in Ohio, and working with Stephen Jones, Rachael Shillitoe, and the international team, again on the qualitative project strand. Alongside science and religion, I have published research on Christian missions to Britain, equality and religion or belief, state-religion relations, interfaith dialogue, and non-religion.

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