Historian of Science

Postdoctoral Research Fellow, York University

Keywords: Victorian science, history of print culture, publishing and communications

I am exploring how religion and science narratives were commercialized (i.e. selected, edited, marketed, advertised and distributed) by the British publishers Longmans, Macmillan and John Murray between 1860 and 1880. Through reviews, collections, circulations, diaries, scrapbooks, autobiographies, and other evidence of interactions with readers, I am hoping to ascertain how these narratives were taken up, adapted or resisted. I will also explore how the visual record of illustrations, cartoons and images from the period can help us understand the circulation of religion and science narratives.

For more about my research, please see my academic profile.I have also spent several years working in the publishing industry as a designer and illustrator. My art and illustration work can be viewed on my personal website, at www.sylvianickerson.ca.

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