Communication studies

Professor of Communication, Universidad Austral

Phd in Communication (University of Navarra) and Msc in Sociology (University of La Sapienza), Professor Rivera is full time professor in Austral University and Secretary General of InterMedia Social Innovation NGO (Italy). He teaches undergraduate and postgraduate courses on Global Cities and Urban Sociology, Social Marketing and Sociology of Media and Communication.

Prof. Rivera conducts social research on:

  1. Leadership, entrepreneurship and social innovation.
  2. Youth development and lifestyles, especially family relationships, digital media usage, leadership practices and attitudes, social entrepreneurial skills, religiosity and spirituality.
  3. Violence prevention policies and projects evaluation.

Prof. Rivera is Co–Investigator in the project “Science and Religion Exploring the Spectrum”.

Most recent relevant publications:

Family relationships and internet abuse in 25 European countries. Families, Relationships and Societies, 4. 

Incorporating Diversity in Marketing Education: A Framework for Including All People in the Teaching and Learning Process. Journal of Marketing Education.