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All adults (aged 18 or over) welcome to take part:

  • entry into monthly £50 draw for signing up and completing a quick first survey
  • plus  a 20% chance of winning £20 in vouchers by taking part in our new online study
  • new paid studies added on a regular basis.

We have just launched our first online survey and we are looking for people to take part in our research. We are interested in your views whatever your background or opinions – this research is designed for people from all walks of life to take part in. Although our research is mainly looking at science and religion in society we are looking for people who hold the broadest range of views as possible – so whatever your view of science is, whatever your beliefs are, or even if you would describe yourself as a non-believer, we would really value your input into our research.

Think we have got our whole approach all wrong, that what we are doing is nonsense, or that we haven’t quite represented what you think about these issues? Prove it by taking part and letting us know. In some areas of our research we are breaking new ground, so we really do need you to answer us as openly as possible so that our team and other researchers can develop better research in future projects.

Not only will you be entered into a monthly drawing for £50 (or equivalent in other currencies) in vouchers just for signing up to take part in our research and completing a short sign up questionnaire, you will then immediately have the chance to take part in our first full survey. This will automatically enter you into a prize draw where you will have a 1 in 5 chance to win a £20 voucher. Vouchers will be available to use through online or high street stores like Amazon or Marks and Spencer’s.

Once you have completed the sign up questionnaire, you will then occasionally be invited to participate in further online surveys, all of which will either have a one-off voucher payment or an opportunity to enter another prize draw. In some cases, if you live close to one of our host universities*, you may be invited to take part in a face-to-face study for which you will receive a one-off voucher payment.

If you participate early on in our projects you will not only help us to conduct our research but you will also genuinely help to shape the research we conduct throughout our projects. At points we will ask you to give your feedback and answers in an open- ended way – this is your opportunity to help us develop better questions for future surveys or questions.

We recognize that our research focused on some pretty complicated, and in some cases, some sensitive or controversial issues. All of the data we collect will be only ever be presented or shared entirely anonymously. Only the research team will be able to contact you – so you can feel free to be completely honest with us — rest assured that what you say will be kept completely confidential.

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