Interview participants needed for new research into Catholicism and science

My name is James Riley, I’m a PhD student at Newman University, Birmingham, researching Catholicism and science. As part of my research I am currently carrying out face-to-face interviews with individuals in England who identify as Catholic.

The interviews last about an hour, and during this time I’d hope to speak with you on a range of themes, including your personal and religious background, and your perspectives on religion and science. I understand that these topics are of a sensitive nature and as such all the data from the interviews will remain anonymous and confidential.

We can do the interview wherever is best for you, be that at work, or your home, or another quiet location such as a coffee shop. The location has to be quiet enough for the audio recording to work properly, but some background noise is ok. If you are local to the Birmingham area, we could also conduct the interview at the Newman University campus.

I’m hoping to arrange the interviews for some time in October and November this year, and they can take place on a weekday or weekend, daytime or evening, whenever is best for you.

If you are interested in participating or have any questions, please reply to: