Life stories of unbelievers – tales about life and attitudes to death

Participants wanted for new research on life and death stories of the non-religious

My name is Katie Aston, I’m a research associate at Newman University, Birmingham, researching beliefs about the end of life. As part of my research I am carrying out life story interviews with individuals in the UK who are broadly speaking non-religious (identifying as atheist, humanist, unbelievers, secularist or other!).

The interviews will last between 1 and 2 hours. During the interviews I hope we can talk about what you believe or don’t believe, in particular your beliefs about the end of life. We may touch on your beliefs about whether we there is an afterlife, your views on pastoral care for the non-religious or your personal experiences of death as a non-religious person.  

I am aware that some of the topics we cover may be sensitive. As such I want you to feel comfortable and the interview can take place anywhere of your choosing; including home, a quiet coffee shop, or even the Newman University campus should you live in Birmingham. You should also feel comfortable declining to answer questions or to stop the interview at any time if you find any topics too difficult to discuss.  

If you are happy I would like to record the interviews. The recordings will be kept securely and are for my record only. Your details will be kept confidential and you will be anonymised in any outputs, unless you request otherwise. Outputs for the project will include conference papers and journal articles.  

I’m hoping to arrange the interviews in February and March 2018, and they can take place on a weekday or weekend, daytime or evening, whenever is best for you. 

This project is funded by the Understanding Unbelief programme hosted by the University of Kent, made possible by a generous grant from the John Templeton Foundation. Learn more about: Understanding Unbelief

If you are interested in participating or have any questions, please reply to: